Thank u Nike!!!!

The most frequently asked question I get, when I tell people that I visit the gym 4 to 5 times a week is: How do you have time for this?? My answer is pretty simple and that is: Why don’t you have time?? What are you Beyoncé? Or are you Oprah? Hahaha, what I’m trying to say is, if you really want to workout, you will do it no matter what!

And yes, of course, we have always some busier periods where we indeed have less time to go to the gym, but what happened to do your workouts at home?
I can already hear you saying: Yes but I don’t have any fitness equipment…. Who says you need them!! Time is ticking (2 months until the summer!!!) and your lame excuses are over with this great App from Nike (free download at the AppStore it’s called Nike training club)

You can choose from several training sessions aimed at beginners, intermediate and advanced. What I personally like about this app is that I can do all of the workouts at home and I also get challenged to do exercises that I normally don’t do or the ones that I preferably like to skip for example burpees and lunges, oh how I hate these 2 exercises. Don’t be afraid to think that you don’t know any of the exercises, because all of them are included with a 10 sec tutorial on how to perform the exercise correctly.

Don’t underestimate these workouts it will train you very hard and make you sweat like never before.

Till next time

xoxo- shanga


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