Hello lovelies,

It is really important to be and feel clean. You can do that by eating healthy and working out, but it also important to use products for you body that won’t do you any harm.

Eat clean
You should always try to eat varied and leave all the unhealthy food out of your life. Everyone has a cheat day once in a while, but you shouldn’t have cheat days 5 times a week. When you try to eat healthy it is important that you don’t have any unhealthy snacks at home. Throw all the sugars away and replace them with fruits or veggie snacks. You have to get used to this in the beginnen, but in a few days you’ll feel better and that will also show on your skin.

Feel clean
Not only eating healthy (and drinking a lot of water) is good for your skin, but also the everyday products that you use on your body. When I say this, you should think about shampoo, shower gel, but also make-up. Try to use as many biological or 0% shampoos and shower gels as you can. They didn’t add any useless ingredients in those that are bad for your skin. And what about make-up? Actually all make-up is bad for your skin, but a lot of people won’t leave their house without makeup on. As long as you remove your makeup very thoroughly before you go to bed, you’ll be fine. Just take good care of your skin now, otherwise you’ll regret it later.

Live clean
Another thing that is key to living a clean life is to make sure that the environment around you is clean. When your house is all messy, you’ll instantly notice that you have the urge to clean up. Sometimes you don’t have time for that and you leave the mess to clean for another moment. This, however, will stay in your head for the rest of the day. It is important to have a clean head. Write down everything you have to do on a paper, or on your phone, so that it won’t be stuck in your head. You will notice that you’ll feel way more relaxed once everything you need to do is out of your head.

Being clean on the inside and the outside of your body takes all the chaos away and I can tell you that it is really worth it. You might have to get used to taking it easy in the beginning, but just give it a try and I promise that you will feel better.

Lots of love,


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