Story time…

Growing up I’ve always had issues with my weight, I was known as the chubby girl, this made me really insecure, what led me to be shy and not wanting speak up. This started at the age of 13 and carried around my late 20thies. Sure I tried to change my weight, I had been on every single diet that’s out there. There where periods that I actually lose a couple of kilo’s but unfortunately I always returned to my old habits and put on even more weight at the end. So in 2014 my parents and I went back to Iraq for the summer break. This is when it hit me!! Every where I went I got the same reaction ‘OMG Shang why have you put on so much weight?’ First I was at denial, I thought to myself well what is wrong with these people? Its not that bad, gosh people can exaggerate. It made me not want to go to any family gathering because I felt ashamed and really didn’t want to hear people say how big I had gotten. So summer break went by and we came back to Holland, and the words ‘Shang you have but on a lot of weight’ s still run trough my mind and it got the best of me. It made me eat all of my emotion away (yup! I’m that emotional eater). After a month I couldn’t fit in my jeans (size 44EU!!).

I decided it was enough and I’m going to put a end to this, I made up a plan, I was not going to follow any stupid diet that was on the internet or books and what not! First thing I did was get a membership at a local gym, after that I watched my eating. I wanted slowly cut down all carbs out my eating routine. See the thing that makes u not continue a diet is when you make dramatic changes! For example I normally would eat 4 slices of bread on a daily basis. I cut it down to 3 slices. I replaced my coke/juice for dinner to just water and lay down the bread; instead I would make a side salad or eat just random vegetables like carrots and bell peppers. After a month a managed to cut of all bread, rice, pastas and potatoes (these are really fattening products)

I visited the gym 4 times a week and did all kinds of intensity interval exercises, it made me sweat, it made me not wanting to go back to the gym. But as soon as I stepped on the scale the next day, it made me want to go run back to the gym, because the kilos were dropping drastically. End result losing 20 kilo’s in 3 and a half months! Now please tell how you are throwing out all of your junk food and hitting the gym right away!!!! Because it’s possible to lose this much weight if you only put your mind to it.





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