the ultimate Shrek Smoothie

Hi there, that has been a really long time! (giggles). so uhmm yeah the whole lets get healthy together attempt did not work out :$ haha yes it’s true I’ve let you all (including myself) down for the dark side. i refer the all you can eat lifestyle as the dark side ahaha. So now I am back and I am willing to say bye to the dark side.

In this blog I want to share my Shrek morning smoothie with you. why I call it Shrek: obviously because the colour and also its looks, cause the outcome of the smoothie looks absolutely not cute just like the character Shrek but on the other hand its probably the sweetest/healthiest smoothie (also something that is similar to Shrek) you can give yourself in the morning. Down below you can see all of the ingredients I have used and the beneficials. Continue reading