Food and drinks

We all know that is is really hard to eat healthy every day. We just crave unhealthy stuff and this is not something to worry about. As long as you don’t eat chips and sugary things all the time, you’ll be fine.

The most important thing is that you choose recipes for yourself that you know you won’t cheat on. If you only choose recipes with vegetables in them, because they are “so healthy”, this will not get you anywhere if you don’t like vegetables. In that case, for you, it is better to add some meat, chicken or something else to make your dish exactly the way you like it (and make sure that it is still good for you).

Because people often don’t know where to start, we will help you with this. We will post lots and lots of healthy drinks, snacks and recipes. We will provide you with tips on how to start a diet and not give up too easily.



We would love you to meet our healthy and tasty friend quinoa and share a delicious recipe with you!

Dinner recipe I

A healthy recipe with chicken and veggies made by Shang. Check it out!