Meet Stella

Hello everyone!

You might wonder who you’re actually dealing with. So here’s a little update on who you are getting all your information from!

My name is Stella and I’m a 20year old Dutchie who also happens to live in the Netherlands (that’s convenient). I study International Business and Languages at the HAN in Arnhem and I really really really love it.

I am a member of a student association in Wageningen, a village near Arnhem, and this makes it kind of hard to keep up my own health sometimes.

That’s why Shang and I decided to co-write this blog together. Not only to keep ourselves in shape, but also to motivate you guys and show you all sorts of ways to become and stay healthy. Because we all know that can be tricky sometimes.

I really hope that you enjoy the blog and if you have any remarks or questions you can always email them to us.

Have fun and good luck!
Lots of love,

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Random facts

  • I think working out is really hard
  • I have 2 cats
  • And one horse
  • I am afraid of sharks
  • I strongly dislike oatmeal
  • Pizza is good though (selfmade pizza’s!)
  • I live together with 8 amazing people