Meet Shang

hello lovely readers,

Let me introduce you to the other founder of how2keepupyourhealth:

My name is Shang and I’m a 21year old, I’m originally from Kurdistan (North-Iraq) but moved to the Netherlands at the 6. I study International Business and Languages at the HAN in Arnhem.

The reason why I started this blog with Stella is because I’ve started living a healthy lifestyle for about a year now. I’ve made a pretty big progress with my body (which I’ll write about in a different blogpost), but maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be a difficult task I’m not going to lie. But running a health blog keeps me motivated and on the right track, and after all my goal is to help you guys get healthy and reach your ultimate goal.

I hope we can motivate all of you lovely readers, if you have any question you can always leave comments and we will answer them for you or you could e-mail us.


Lots of loveeeee