Hello everyone!

Let’s talk about running! Some people enjoy it and some absolutely hate it. I myself am a very big fan of running. I live close to a forest and it is beautiful to go outside during every season and take a run now and then. But.. we all know it can be really hard to get yourself into starting to run and that’s where I come in. I will give you some advice on how to make running a bit more easy and fun.

First of all, it is really important to set a goal for yourself. Why do you even want to start running? Is it because you want to work on your condition or maybe even lose weight? Or maybe just because you want to go outside more? Whatever your reason is, you need to adapt your running plan to that, because there is a different way of running for every reason.

When you want to work on your condition, you really have to build it up. Start with running for 2 minutes, then walking for 1 minute, then running for two minutes again and repeat this for about half an hour.

When this starts being a little bit easier for you, you can run a little bit longer, 3 minutes for instance, and just build it up like this.
When you just want to go out more, you don’t really need to build up stamina. You can just walk for longer bits in-between and enjoy the nature or surrounding around you.

Secondly, you need to make a schedule for yourself. You have to take your time for running, you can’t really squeeze it into your schedule. Especially when you start with running it is important to make time for it and do it frequently. Start with running 2 or 3 times a week and really try to put yourself up to it. When you get through the first few weeks, it starts to be a routine and not something you “still have to do today”.

And third, it is important to be motivated. So for whatever reason you want to start running, keep motivating yourself. If you don’t like to go outside alone, ask a friend if he or she wants to come with you. If you feel uncomfortable to run in the area you live in, try to look for other locations you can run. If you are losing weight you can hang up motivational quotes in your room which point out why exercising is good for you and why being healthy is a good thing. Keep reminding yourself that you set a goal and what is more satisfying than completing a goal?

With running you won’t just only create a routine, but you will feel better about yourself. Being outside is also really good for your health, so I would say give it a try. Have fun running!

Lots of love,


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